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Purifyou: from the USA, here is an ecological reusable bottle in glass of excellent quality (and with a true eco-friendly philosophy)

The opinion on this bottle is absolutely positive, and I can assure you that, after having had direct relationships with the managers of the company, the people behind this project are committed to ensuring that their customers are 100% satisfied. For more information on this bottle, I invite you to leave a comment, or write me directly at bottiglieriususibli @ . If you prefer, you can also write to me on Facebook , where we always post blog articles.

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I went to my local grocery shop on a routine shopping run. Wearing a face mask, mindful not to touch metal and carrying my hand sanitizer like a gun, I carefully maneuvered my cart to the alcohol aisle (no, not the internal cleansing ones LOL). And I got the shock of my life – people were in a frenzy filling their cart with alcohol disinfectant and there were none left by the time I got there! I also noticed that most food aisles were bare. Panic, hoarding, fake news and doomsday posts – the COVID19 scare had people shunning other people and putting life, as we know it, to a halt. Whole countries were on lockdown. Businesses, schools, parks, movie...

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