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Zero Waste Swaps To Kick Off Your Sustainable Journey
By Everything BAGS INC.

Single-use plastic bags are the arch-enemy of zero wasters. they are a threat to marine species and eventually infiltrate our food chain as microplastics. It's about time you ditch them for good! Read more...

Trade plastic produce bags for renewable mesh. Plastic may be one of the most ingenious inventions of our time, but it’s also become one of the biggest threats to our environment. Read more...


The Most Popular Reusable Produce Bags in the Market by Good Housekeeping. 

These multipurpose mesh bags are super handy, and also the best reusable grocery bags you can buy. Read more...





 The Best Glass Bottle for 2019! 

This water bottle from purifyou gives you all the goodness of glass (recyclable, no toxic chemicals, no weird taste infiltrating your drinks) with a ton of built-in protection against breaks. Read More



Good Housekeeping declares us as one of the Best Reusable Produce Bags to get in 2019! 

These mesh produce bags are made of polyester, so they're durable without being heavy.  Read more...



  HUFFPOST Shares Our Incredible Deal!

 Reusable Produce Bags Are The Prime Day Buy You Can Feel Good About
A sustainable alternative to plastic produce bags you'll use for years to come. Read More...




 Highly Recommended by Bon Appétit

Every Single Time I Break Out These Produce Bags, I Get a Compliment

I bought them for the environment; I keep them for the random praise. Read More. 




   Simple the Best Overall Glass Water Bottle as voted by Bustle

It's PERFECT. The size of a regular Aqua bottle of water you'd get at the store but it's glass so you don't have any of those toxic plastic chemicals leaking into your water. Read More



One of the Best Reusable Products you can find on Amazon as featured by Popsugar

When you go to the market or are storing your food in your fridge. Read more.



 Southern Living Says This Is The Most Wished-For Organizational Item on Amazon Right Now

What's on your Amazon wish list? Whether you're food-obsessed or already updating your 2018 note to Santa, chances are the E-commerce giant has more than a few things you'd like to "add to cart."  Read More.



 BuzzFeed raves about our Reusable Bags

You've Already Ditched Plastic Straws, Now Try These Reusable Produce Bags. Read more.